How to make DIY Shrinky plastic Christmas gift:www.diyshrink.
Shrink plastic sheet is a amazing plastic sheet.

#One Shrink art plastic sheet
#Watercolor pen/paint pen
#heat gun/oven

Step 1: Take a piece of translucent shrink plastic with one matte surface.
Step 2: Drawing your design on matte surface.
Step 3: Take water color pen painting your like colorfull.
Step 4: Carefully cut around the image,and don’t forget make a hole by puncher.
Step 5: To heat the shrink plastic with a heat gun or 170°C oven,until it has reduced in size 1/3.
Step 6: Planish shrink plastic when it has a less temperature,use a piece rope hang it up.

You can try it with your childs,will have a amazing result.Kindly please contact us.