Shrink Sheet General Instructions

• Sand one side or both sides.

• Apply design and background color.

• Cut out your design with regular or decorative scissors. Punch holes with a paper punch. Holes shrink too!

• Place on medium weight cardboard, or a teflon sheet. Avoid baking on bare metal.  Bake in a regular or toaster oven at 350 F (165 C) for approximately 3 minutes, or heat with an embossing heat tool.

• After shrinking, most pigments become permanent. Your design will be about 45% its original size and about 1I16th inch thick.

Baking Tips

Expect PolyShrink to curl and move during baking. Occasionally a piece may stick to itself as it shrinks. To separate, allow the piece to cool and pull gently. You’ll hear a tiny “snap” as the joint comes apart. You can now reheat the piece and finish shrinking. Baked Poly Shrink is very pliable while it is hot. It can be smoothed flat using cardboard or shaped over a variety of objects.